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What is the difference between a +4 to -10 converter and a direct box?

They are almost opposites. A direct box takes an unbalanced signal and converts it to a balanced mic level so that it can be sent to feed the input of a mixing console.

How does the Radial J-Iso compare to the Radial J+4?

They are complete opposites! The J-Iso reduces the level from +4dB to -10dB while the J+4 increases the level from -10dB to +4dB. Both are commonly found in a technician’s tool box.

Would an active device work better than a passive one?

No. Because the source output is a high level +4dB signal, adding a buffer in between and then reducing the level would likely introduce more distortion. We can accomplish the same thing using a passive device and enjoy the added benefit of transformer isolation to eliminate ground loops.

Why does the J-Iso have a better frequency response than the Pro-Iso?

High quality Jensen® transformers cost more. The result is a broader frequency response and increased signal handling. If you are converting a musical performance, the Jensen equipped J-Iso is a better choice. If on the other hand you are transferring voice, the more affordable Pro-Iso will work great!

Can I use the J-Iso to reduce the level going from my recording system to my studio monitors?

Yes. Although products like the Radial MC3 may be more appropriate as you can select monitors, dim levels and it is equipped with a built-in headphone amp.

Can I use the J-Iso to reduce a headphone output to feed an RCA input?

Yes. You will likely need a ¼” TRS to dual RCA Y jack to separate the left & right inputs. And although sending in an unbalanced signal is not ideal, it will work so long as the adaptor is wired correctly. You can then use the level control to attenuate the headphone output signal.

Can I use the J-Iso for Reamping?

You could but it is not really ideal. Radial makes products that have special circuits and filters to optimize Reamping such as the ProRMP, Reamp JCR and X-Amp. These are purpose designed and will be easier to use.

Can I use the J-Iso to convert the +4dB balanced XLR output from a wireless system?

Yes. Some wireless systems are equipped with a line level out that can be too hot for -10dB devices. The J-Iso is ideally suited for this. Simply connect, reduce the level to suit.

What is the range of the variable attenuator on the J-Iso and Pro-ISO?

The output level attenuator will lower the signal by up to 14 dB.

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