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Can I use the SAT-2 with speaker level signals?

No, the SAT-2 is designed to work with line level signals only, as speaker levels will damage the circuitry inside the unit.

Will I damage the SAT-2 if I send phantom power to it?

No, the SAT-2 features blocking capacitors on the XLR outputs that prevent phantom power from damaging the unit or passing through to your source device.

Can I use the 1/4″ inputs at the same time as the XLR inputs?

We recommend using only one connector type at a time for each channel.

Can I use the SAT-2 to output to a pair of unbalanced inputs?

Yes, you can connect the SAT-2 outputs to unbalanced inputs using an adaptor cable. Start with the volume turned down low, as you can easily overload some consumer-level input devices.

Will the SAT-2 color the sound in any way?

The SAT-2 is designed to be completely transparent, with no transformers or ICs that might color the audio signal.

Can I use the SAT-2 to convert a signal from unbalanced to balanced?

No, the SAT-2 doesn’t have balancing circuitry or transformers. You can connect an unbalanced input to the SAT-2, but keep in mind that the output will also be unbalanced and you may experience signal loss if you use cables longer than 20ft (6m) in length.

Can I use a single mono input with the SAT-2?

Yes, you can use the SAT-2 to attenuate just the left or right channel. You can also use it to split a mono signal to two destinations; just hit the mono switch and your signal will be present on both the left and right outputs.

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