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What is the difference between the SGI™ and SGI44 circuitry?

The active circuits are identical. The SGI-44 employs Jensen® Transformers for greater immunity against noise which of course is more prevalent in larger concert systems.

Can I connect a Radial SGI into an SGI-44?

No. Each end of these interfaces has been designed to match each other with respect to the transformer and snubber circuits that surround it. Because they are slightly different, they may compromise the signal quality.

Is the SGI-44 a type of direct box?

It is similar to a direct box, but different whereby it is not designed to connect directly to a mixer or preamp, but designed to be connected to a mated pair. A direct box is more of a general use item.

Can I not use two direct boxes to achieve a similar effect?

No. A direct box will certainly balance the signal, but unless the receive end is properly matched, it will sound odd. Keep in mind that the SGI-44 employs an active drive and passive receive with identical transformers at each end. Simply using a Radial J48 as a transmitter and a Radial JDI backwards will not produce the same effect.

Can I use a Reamp as the receive end?

No. Reamps are designed to be used with a line level (+4dB) signal which is much greater than the output of a direct box. To follow this train of thought, you could plug your guitar into a preamp and then into a Reamp and get good results.

Can I use a wireless system to interface between the RX and TX signal path?

Sure! Give it a try.

Why do you use an external power supply?

There are several advantages to using an external supply. The first is safety. Because Radial products are used around the world, it is extremely costly to get safety approvals for each country. Using a universal power supply makes this easy. Secondly, power supplies tend to be the second most common failure point in any electronic device. (the first being connectors). By employing and external supply, should one fail, replacing it is easy.

Why do you use a 15V power supply and not a more common 9V unit?

The audio signal path inside the SGI-44 is class-A. This means that it requires more power than a chip based buffer. By increasing the available voltage, we basically get better audio with more headroom. 9 volts is simply insufficient for this purpose.

Why is the SGI-44 bright yellow?

The color makes it easy to find under a pile of cables! This is particularly important on a hectic stage where things can get moved around and cables accidentally disconnected.

Can I mute the SGI-44 for tuning?

No. Not directly. You would need to be connected to the Radial JX44 and use the muting functions that are built-in to make this work.

Does Drag™ Control have any effect on the output of a wireless system?

No. It may have a very slight effect when turned on full, but it is really only designed to be used when interfacing with a passive guitar pickup.

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