Microphone Preamplifier

500 Series Microphone Preamp

The Twin-Servo is a high performance microphone preamp that leverages two discrete 990 op-amps for incredibly clean and transparent operation.

  • Exceptionally wide frequency response from 0.5Hz to 150kHz
  • Twin-Servo topology eliminates capacitors in the signal path
  • Virtually zero phase shift or bandwidth limitation
  • Oversized Jensen transformers for maximum headroom

Legendary Performance

The Twin-Servo utilizes the now-famous JE-990 circuit originally developed by industry icon Deane Jensen in 1988, providing an update in the 500 series format. Its superior performance is derived from two 100% discrete 990 op-amps cascaded in tandem to deliver 60dB of gain with less than 1/10th the distortion and twice the bandwidth of a single stage design. This also reduces noise at mid and low levels, a critical advantage for those that record with a wide dynamic range. In order to minimize phase distortion, all capacitors have been removed from the audio signal path and replaced by two DC servo feedback circuits. Oversized Jensen transformers are placed at both the input and output of the — producing a frequency response that extends from 0.5Hz to 150kHz. The result is a remarkably detailed and accurate microphone preamp suitable for any critical recording application.

Twin-Servo Applications

Using the Twin-Servo with a condenser mic

The Jensen Twin-Servo has almost unlimited bandwidth and tremendous headroom. This makes it a perfect choice for the most demanding recording, particularly when recording highly dynamic signals such as vocals or orchestral instruments.

Using the Twin-Servo with an active DI

When recording live, capturing the direct feed from an instrument can provide much more consistent results as bleed from other instruments can be eliminated. Connect a piezo transducer to the Radial PZ-DI and send this to the Twin-Servo for amazing bottom end!

Using the Twin-Servo with a ribbon mic

Most modern ribbon microphones have plenty of output and can connect directly to the Twin-Servo’s low noise circuitry. When using old vintage mics, add the Radial McBoost to increase the output by up to 25dB for a total of about 85dB of gain!



Twin-Servo Resources

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