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BigShot EFX™ Using & Applications

The following page describes how to use the BigShot ABY and discusses some of the functions that are built in. To view the complete manual, simply click on the icon at left.


Following the block diagram, as the signal flows from left to right, the EFX begins at the guitar INPUT and quickly follows with a SEND connector in loop-1 that goes to the first pedal chain and comes back into the EFX via the RETURN connector. A simple mechanical switch turns the loop on or off. The same applies for loop-2.

The two loops connect using standard ¼" jacks and are set in series so that each of the loops can be turned on independently or connected in sequence with loop-1 feeding loop-2. There are no buffers or amplification circuits in between the guitar and the effects loops. This means that pedals such as fuzz boxes and wah pedals can be used at the front end in one of the loops and still connect directly from the pickup for maximum effect.

Both loops are equipped with lift switches that lift the ground to help eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops. And loop-2 is augmented with a mute function that turns the second effects loop into a dedicated tuner out to allow quiet on-stage tuning.

Making Connections

As always, ensure all amp levels are turned down before making connections. This will help avoid turn on transients that can damage more sensitive equipment or shorten their lifespan. Before you connect your pedals, connect your guitar to the EFX input and the EFX output to your amp. Check to make sure this 'start position' connection works by toggling the footswitches. Make sure all three slider switches are in the downward off position – towards the front of the pedal (away from the connectors at the top).

Now connect some pedals using loop-1. We suggest you start with only one or two pedals. This way it makes trouble shooting easier. Activate loop-1 and set your pedals as needed. Repeat using loop-2. If you hear buzz, try lifting the ground by moving the lift switch to the up position. Add more pedals. Have fun!

Using Loop-2 for tuning

Some guitarists do not need two loops for their pedal chains. This opens the door to using loop-2 as a mute function for quiet on-stage tuning. Simply push the mute slider switch upwards to the 'on position' and connect your tuner to the loop-2 send jack. When you depress the footswitch, signal will be muted to your amp, and pass through loop-2 to your tuner.

In use, the EFX is extremely functional and intuitive. One loop could be used for overdrive and distortion while the other could be used for signal boosting and effects such as chorus or flanging. This way, exciting new combinations can be formulated to create new tones. Best of all, noisy or non true-bypass pedals can be used and completely taken out of the signal path when not in use, thus allowing you to regain the primary guitar to amp connection when needed.

WARNING - Possibility of electrical shock hazard exists. Please read the warnings in the user manual before attempting to connect amplifiers to this device.