Radial Warranty

Transferable 3-Year Limited Warranty:

All products sold by Radial come with a Transferable 3-Year Limited Warranty that is detailed in the product’s specific owner’s manual. This limited warranty protects you against defects in workmanship. The warranty does not cover any consequential or inconsequential damage or any losses. Specifically, if you have a problem due to a defect, you must make the arrangements and cover the costs to return the product to us with a copy of the original sales invoice and we will repair the product and return it to you at our cost. All warranty claims require a return authorization. Contact the Radial Technical Support Department for details.

If you buy the product and decide to sell it, the warranty can be transferred to the buyer, providing continuous warranty support and added value. This Transferable Warranty follows the same procedures and limitations outlined above. This means that if you sell the product, you must provide the buyer with a copy of your original invoice so that they, in turn, may be able to submit this should a warranty claim be required.


Warranty Limitations:

As with all typical warranties, only manufacturing defects are covered. Furthermore, parts that are subject to wear and tear such as switches, potentiometers and tubes are not covered under this warranty. This, however, does not mean that these will not be repaired or replaced free of charge. We pride ourselves in supporting the products we sell and will often exchange these parts free of charge pending the age of the device. This decision will be undertaken by RADIAL and in no way obliges the company to perform such tasks.


International Warranty Claims:

Radial has a policy of selling products through exclusive distributors around the globe. These distributors are set up to perform warranty repairs for Radial products that they have supplied in their respective countries. Should you decide to purchase a Radial product from another country; the Radial distributor will not in any way be held responsible for warranty repairs.

This page is designed to provide the reader with an ‘easy to read’ format which explains our company warranty. This is to be used in association with the official Radial warranty that is provided with each product or detailed in our sales literature.