StageBug SB-2™ Development

The Radial SB-2 was designed with one goal in mind: simplicity. All too often we get caught up with more features than are needed to get a simple job done. We often refer to the hammer or mug as perfect products. They are simple, immediately intuitive to use and serve a simple function very well.

In developing the SB-2, we had the following goals in mind:

  1. Passive
    The term passive means that the SB-2 uses a transformer to balance the signal and lower the impedance. Transformer coupled direct boxes are very good at eliminating the hum and buzz caused by ground loops.
  2. Compact Today, many artists are traveling light. This saves costs at airports and lowers fuel costs when on the road. So making the SB-2 small enough to fit in a guitar case was essential.
  3. Easy to use
    Like a hammer or a mug, the StageBug SB-2 is designed to be plug & play easy to use. This meant eliminating all of the frills and distilling the feature set down to the main attractions.
  4. Flexible
    Even though the SB-2 is passive, it is in fact tremendously flexible. As a passive DI, it is perfect for any active source. This includes active basses, acoustic guitars with built-in preamps, keyboards and even laptops!
  5. Sound great
    High output active instruments often overload the input of active DIs causing distortion. This is because most active DIs have limited headroom. Transformers do not distort, they saturate. The SB-2's transformer gently manages the signal so that it sounds warm. This produces a natural compression that sounds great!
  6. Economical
    The StageBug series is all about delivering a direct box that the musician can call his or her own. This 'MY DI' concept focuses the options, reducing cost – resulting in a more affordable solution. The Radial SB-2 is made in Canada with hand inserted parts.

This set of criteria results in a simple, compact direct box that does a job and does it well. The Radial SB-2 Passive is a direct box that simply works.