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Radial Tossover™ Variable Frequency Divider

Part no. R700 0164

  • Divide signal for frequency specific processing
  • Produce exciting effects by parallel processing
  • Create low-pass, high-pass and band-pass filters
  • Choice of 12, 18 and 24 dB per octave slopes

The Tossover™ is a unique 500 series module that enables you to frequency-divide the audio signal path into two stems and process the high and low frequencies separately. This enables parallel processing whereby one could, for instance, process a vocal track by adding distortion and presence to the high-end while leaving the low frequencies unaffected.

The design begins with separate low-pass and high-pass filters with variable frequency and amplitude controls for each range. These are connected in series and can be used separately to split off either the bass or treble regions or used together to create a band-pass filter to enhance the mid range. This is augmented with a choice of 12dB, 18dB or 24dB per octave slopes that let you apply subtle filtering on instruments to gently smooth things out or apply a more radical filter at the cut-off frequency for more intense effects.

Either filter may be accessed via the 500 series power rack's XLR output by assigning a rear-mounted slider switch. Using the Omniport on a Radial Workhorse lets you take things a step further by allowing each frequency range to be processed separately and auditioned simultaneously. This, for instance enables you to split a bass track and process the low frequency stem using a compressor while processing the high frequencies with an effect like a tube distortion pedal. You would then mix the two stems together to create new and exciting effects.

The Radial Tossover is an innovative module that opens the door to creative options never before realizable in the 500 series world.


1x4 Distribution Amplifier


4x1 Line Mixer


Tube Distortion Pedal

Tossover™ - Applications
Using the Tossover on a vocal track

Use the Tossover high-pass filter to extract the high end and process it using the EXTC with a Tonebone Classic distortion to add character. Mix the effect with dry signal from the PowerPre as needed.

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Using the Tossover on a bass guitar

When used inside a Workhorse, the Tossover lets you split the signal so that you can process each stem individually. Add EQ and compression to the low frequencies while flanging the top end separately.

Using the Tossover on a keyboard

Create uber-realistic Leslie effects by sending your favourite Hammond patch into the Tossover and then processing the bottom end with a slow flanger and the top with a chorus pedal.