Bryan Wilson

Grammy Award nominated Mixer, Producer, Songwriter, and Recording Engineer

"As with most Radial devices, the Key Largo provides solutions to problems I never knew I had! It is a simple and flexible unit that has enabled my wildly different instruments to be tamed together in a compact way. It has also become a hub for my MIDI devices for easy interconnectivity to my DAW. I love it."

"When I travel to different studios around the world, Sometimes tie lines between rooms have seen better days. Rather than waste time checking them, the SGI has always come in handy as the reliable bridge between the player and the amps out in the live room, especially if the studio is big. It is a great tool that gives you confidence your signal path is being driven properly."

"What made me obsessed with Radial products in the first place! The Switchbone allows me flexibility in the control room to check the tonal quality of both connected amps without having to go back and forth between rooms once my settings are where I want them. Or I can slap it in front of a player to be efficient with recording takes using multiple sounds. Speed and ease are how I choose my tools now and this fits right in."

"An absolute must if you work with guitars in the studio. I have taken this unit through it’s paces running multiple amps live, heads in the control room with cabs in different rooms, and full PA systems all at the same time in different rooms. A true example of useful studio tools that always work without having to mess around. Reamping isn’t always for guitars either so that feature is a big asset to the device and that is why I love it."

"A powerful tool when you have a compact setup and space premium. This little unit has played a part in my first Grammy-nominated record and will continue to be a go-to bridge between elements of a song that need some real-life reamping love."

"This has everything I love about the JDI passive but in multiples! The clean, reliable and flexible switching options make this unit a must for any big live playing session in the studio for me. It does everything I need it to."

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