Andrea Lepori

Audio Engineer, Mixer, Producer | U2, Rolling Stones

"It’s always way more fun in every new recording or mixing session when I have the help of ProRMP’s. I always want to be able to quickly setup and re-process signals without making the artist (or anybody attending) wait for me, especially when working in new studios. Having a pair of ProRMP with me at all times allows me to focus on my creativity, knowing I can always have the most transparent sound ready to be mangled and re-amped without any setup issues. The amp level’s fine tuning and the isolated transformer are the most outstanding features of these great boxes, which let me try all the options I want in order to make everybody happy with their new sound"

"This Radial device is the physical extension of my creativity in the studio and everywhere I work. It’s the secret weapon that makes my mixes stand out from the rest. Having it always plugged in on my rig, I can add a new character to every type of source material without even feeling that I’m going outside the box. Thanks to its unmatched clarity and the truly spectacular blend knob, the EXTC applications are endless"

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