George Worthmore

Blues solo artist, NY State Hall of Fame inductee, The Divebombers

"The PZ Pre by Tonebone is essential to my acoustic guitar sound. I've tried many preamps before, and being such a tone freak, the PZ Pre’s warm, clean sound is what I have been looking for."

"We all use Radial gear and love it. The acoustic bassist uses a Bassbone and the other guitarist and I both use the Tonebone PZ Pre. I also use a Radial Dragster on my wireless, which is killer. Thanks Radial! "

"When I'm with the Divebombers I use the Radial McBoost on the SM57 miking my guitar amp. I set the load to "high" and use the variable gain control to put my guitar right where I want in the front-of-house mix and monitors. The sound is as clean as a whistle and huge. The mic just opens up. It sounds great. The McBoost is built bulletproof. Get one. You'll love it."

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