4-Play FAQ

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Can I use 48V phantom power instead of the 9V power supply connection?

No. Phantom power only has 5 milliamps of current available and the 4-Play requires at least 80 milliamps to make it work.

Will phantom power damage the 4-Play?

No. The capacitors at the XLR outputs will block the DC from phantom power and therefore will have no effect.

Can I use the tuner out to feed a stage amp?

Yes, you can connect the tuner output to an amplifier. Set the tuner assign switch to OFF W MUTE so the mute switch will cut signal to the amp when you are changing instruments.

How would you compare the sound quality to other Radial DI boxes?

The 4-Play employs an audio path that is similar to the StageBug SB-1.

Can I use the 4-Play with any instrument including bass or keyboard?

Yes. The 4-Play is well suited for just about any instrument.

Can I use the 4-Play with a piezo transducer?

Yes, but only if it is first connected to a preamp of sorts, such as those that are built into most active acoustic guitars. Piezo transducers work best with a very high input impedance, while the 4-Play is designed to work with either magnetic pickups or active sources.

Can more than one output be active at the same time?

No, the 4-Play will only allow one output to be active at a given time. The selector footswitch will mute the current output and activate the next output in the sequence.

The selector switch won’t allow me to activate output 3 or 4, why is this?

The 4-play will only select the third and fourth outputs when you engage the ‘set & forget’ switches on either side of the unit. To use output 3, engage the OUT-3 ENABLE switch. For output 4, engage both OUT-3 ENABLE and OUT-4 ENABLE to toggle through all four outputs. When both of these switches are disengaged the 4-Play will only toggle between outputs 1 and 2.

Can I connect one guitar to the 4-Play and have it feed multiple outputs?

Yes, but not simultaneously. You can use the 4-Play to switch the DI output to up to four different destinations, choosing which one will be active using the selector footswitch. However, only one output can be active at a time, so you cannot use it to split signal to multiple locations simultaneously.

How long of a cable can I use with the 4-Play?

For the input from your guitar use a cable 8 meters (25’) or less. The outputs can be run over balanced cables up to 100 meters (300’).

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