Bassbone OD FAQ

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Can I use the Bassbone OD with other instruments?

Yes. Although the Bassbone OD is aimed at bass players, the preamp is a high performance circuit that will work with many instruments.

How does the Bassbone OD compare to the original Bassbone?

The Bassbone OD employs the same basic circuit as the original, yet adds a number of new features, a bit more headroom and of course an overdrive circuit.

What Radial DI box is in the Bassbone OD?

The active DI output is unique to the Bassbone OD, but very similar to the buffering circuit used in the Radial J48.

Can I power the Bassbone OD using 48V phantom power?

No. With only 5 to 10 milliamps of available current, phantom power does not have enough current to run the Bassbone OD which requires 400 milliamps of current.

Can 48V phantom from the mixing console damage the Bassbone OD?

No. The Bassbone OD is equipped with blocking capacitors to protect itself from DC current.

Can I use batteries to power the Bassbone OD?

No. Batteries would die within minutes due to the amount of current needed to run the Bassbone OD.

Can I use a power brick with 16 or 18 volts to provide power to the Bassbone OD?

Yes. But be aware… by increasing the voltage going to the Bassbone OD, the regulator will be forced to work harder which in turn will generate more heat and possibly shorten the lifespan. Make sure you apply the proper polarity or you could blow-up the input.

Why does the Bassbone OD require a 15V supply versus the usual 9 volts?

Bass frequencies contain much more energy than mid range. By using a 15V – 400 mA power supply, we can increase the headroom and reduce distortion for a more natural bass tone.

What kind of overdrive circuit is being used?

The Bassbone OD overdrive is a derivation of the original Ibanez TS9. This has been modified to sound great on bass.

Can I use professional studio effects in the Bassbone OD effects loop?

Yes. Use the unbalanced connection on your effects and keep the levels below the distortion point for best performance.

Can I feed a second amp using tuner out?

Yes. However this output is always on and since it is not isolated, you may encounter hum and buzz caused by ground loops.

Can I turn off the Bassbone OD tuner output?

No. It is always on.

I have an active bass but cannot hear the Drag Control effect?

This is normal. Your active bass is already buffering the signal via the internal battery-powered preamp. Drag Control only works when coupled directly to the magnetic pickup.

Can I power a condenser mic with the Bassbone OD?

No. The Bassbone OD does not generate 48V phantom power. You will need an external phantom power supply like the Radial SB48 to provide phantom.

When i set the EQ controls to the middle, I find the output level on the Bassbone OD to be slightly less than when I plug my bass in direct. Is this normal?

Yes. The Bassbone OD is a unity gain device that will only boost the signal when the power booster is activated. And since the EQ is passive-interactive like an old Fender amp, you will find a lot of the output power to be hidden in the EQ. Simply adjust your amp level to compensate.

Is it possible to plug in one bass and have dual tone outputs depending on which channel is selected by toggling between the two?

Yes. Plug your bass into input-A and simply depress the AB footswitch to select channels as if playing through a 2 channel amp.

Can I connect my iPod to the Bassbone for the purpose of playing bass along with stored music?

Yes. Push the ‘BLEND’ switch on and then mix the two channels to suit. Note that the Bassbone OD is mono… so you will of course lose the stereo mix from your music source.

Can I send the stereo line output from my computer to one of the channels on the Bassbone?

Yes. Just keep in mind that the Bassbone input is mono, so you will have to make up a stereo to mono cable. Further, since these analog outputs are designed to feed ear buds and generally quite ‘hot’, you may have to turn the level down in your laptop to avoid distortion.

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