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Is the audio circuit on the Bassbone V2 the same as the original Bassbone?

Yes. We have faithfully reproduced the same award winning tone, yet have been able to add features by incorporating new generation parts.

Can I use any two basses with the Bassbone V2?

Yes, the Bassbone V2 is designed for use with all types of basses. You can use both active and passive basses, fretted or fretless, upright and so on.

Can I plug my upright bass directly into the Bassbone V2?

Yes. The Bassbone V2 is equipped with a PZB booster that optimizes the input for piezo transducers by first increasing the impedance to 10 meg-ohms and then by boosting the input by 10dB.

Can I use the Bassbone V2 with other instruments?

Yes. Like any good preamp, you can use it for a multitude of instruments. You can use the Bassbone V2 with a guitar, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, dobro, cello and banjo! It is merely optimized for bass performance.

Do I still need a direct box with the Bassbone V2?

No. The Bassbone V2 has a Radial DI built-in! Simply connect the balanced XLR to send your sound to the PA system or recording workstation.

Will the Bassbone V2 alter the tone of my bass?

Using channel-1 with the contour switch set to ‘Flat’ will bypass the EQ so that the original tone of the instrument will pass through the Bassbone V2 unaltered. If you want, you can of course add as much EQ as you like to suit your needs.

I use an active and a passive bass. Which should be used where?

Both will work in either channel. If you are a purist, you may want to have your passive bass in channel-1 and set it flat. This would allow your amp to control your EQ for this bass. If you want to beef up your passive, then channel-2 will give you more control.

Can I use the tuner out to drive another amp or effect?

You could, but as the tuner output signal is tapped before the EQ, there is no tone control on this output. Also, when using two amps, ground loops can introduce noise. Do some testing before setting this up on stage.

Can I use the effect loop ‘send’ to drive another amplifier?

Yes, but we do not recommend it. We produce several ABY switchers that are designed to do this properly. These are equipped with an isolation transformer that will eliminate noisy loops while the Bassbone V2 does not. This is particularly important when using older vintage amps that are not equipped with proper U-grounds and could cause an electric shock. Please consult a qualified technician before combining amplifiers.

Can I use a 16V or 18V power supply brick with the Bassbone V2?

Although we recommend using the 15VDC supply that we provide, you can use a 16V or 18V power supply as long as there is sufficient current. The Bassbone V2 has built-in regulators that will bleed off the excess voltage as heat. Be careful and make sure the polarity is correct so as not to damage the Bassbone V2.

Are there any manufacturers that make multi-power supply bricks for Tonebones?

Yes – the Cioks DC10 and AC10 both have 15V outlets for Tonebone pedals.

Is the Bassbone V2 a true bypass pedal?

No, the Bassbone V2 is a preamp. Specially designed buffers are used to manage the audio signal. These enable the Bassbone V2 to drive the two preamp channels, the EQ, the power booster, the tuner and the effects loop with no signal level loss.

Is the Bassbone V2 DI output Active or Passive?

The Bassbone V2’s DI output is active and is similar to the popular Radial J48 direct box.

I noticed a slight drop in volume when compared to plugging my bass direct into my amp. Is this normal?

Yes. The Bassbone V2 is designed in such a way to ensure minimal distortion at all settings. Because the EQ is so powerful, when set to full, it increases the output tremendously. We chose to back down the output on the Bassbone V2 to compensate. Simply adjust your amp volume level to suit.

Can I use 48V phantom power to supply the Bassbone V2?

No. 48V phantom only produces around 5 to 10 milliamps of current while the Bassbone V2 is actually a preamp that requires 400 milliamps to make it work. Without current, we do not get sufficient headroom and the result would be severe distortion.

Will turning phantom power on harm the Bassbone V2?

No. The Bassbone V2 is equipped with blocking capacitors on the XLR to protect it from 48V phantom and other DC currents that could otherwise cause a problem.

Can I use the Bassbone V2 as a preamp and plug directly into a power amplifier?

The Bassbone V2 produces an instrument level output that is between -30dB to -15dB depending on the output of the instrument you are using. Most PA type power amplifiers are designed for line level -10dB or +4dB input levels which may not make the Bassbone V2 suitable. Some amps are however equipped with instrument level inputs that can be used.

Can I send the stereo line output from my computer to one of the channels on the Bassbone?

Yes. Just keep in mind that the Bassbone input is mono, so you will have to make up a stereo to mono cable. Further, since these analog outputs are designed to feed ear buds and generally quite ‘hot’, you may have to turn the level down in your laptop to avoid distortion.

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