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Can I use the BigShot EFX in a guitar amp’s effects loop?

Yes. Using the EFX in a guitar amp’s effects loop will give you two separate loops to select from. You can of course use them individually or together in series.

Will the BigShot EFX click or pop when switching effects in and out?

The BigShot EFX will act like all other passive switchers. This means that under normal operation, only a slight click will be heard as the switch contacts mate. However, when using a high gain amp, the click can be more pronounced. The Radial Tonebone Loopbone™ eliminates switching noise because it employs active class-A buffers and photocells that ramp up the signal level to eliminate clicking and popping.

Can both loops be on at the same time?

Yes of course. The two loops feed each other in series whereby loop-1 feeds into loop-2. This lets you create two dedicated loops for less noise and combine them when you like.

What do I do if I notice that the levels drop when I use my pedals?

The best solution is to introduce a buffer into your circuit. The Radial Elevator™ is a combination buffer and power booster that will drive your pedals so that the volume levels are more consistent. It also lets you use longer cables (up to 15 meters or 50′) because it lowers the impedance which reduces susceptibility to noise.

Is it true that wah-wahs and fuzz pedals should be first in the signal chain?

Yes. Pedals like wahs and fuzzes react to the magnetic pickup. This means that they will sound and work differently depending on the instrument that is connected. If you are going to put them in a pedal chain, they work best when they are first in line. Place them before buffers like the chorus, distortion or delay for maximum effect.

Can I use the BigShot EFX to select between two instruments?

Yes. Simply connect the two instruments to the effects returns. A better solution for this application is the BigShot i/o™ as it is equipped with a level control to balance the two signals.

Can I use the BigShot EFX as an amp selector?

Yes! Simply connect the loop outputs to your amp. Just a note of caution—keep in mind that there are no provisions for transformer isolation like inside the Switchbone™ or BigShot ABY™. This means that you can encounter hum and buzz due to ground loops, but this should fare no differently than similar ABY switcher. If you get buzz or hum, try connecting all your equipment to one AC main outlet using a “power bar”. Always check with a technician to make sure your amps are safe and properly grounded. Never use amps that do not have a third “safety” prong on its power cable.

If my amp does not have a dedicated effects loop, can I use the EFX as a substitute?

If your amp is equipped with a preamp out and power amp in, the BigShot EFX can be used to safely route your signals.

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