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Can I power the BT-Pro with phantom power?

No. The circuit draw exceeds the 5 milliamp current availability from 48V phantom. The BT-Pro must be powered by a USB connection or with the included power supply.

Will phantom power hurt the BT-Pro?

48V phantom power can damage the BT-Pro if the isolation transformers are not engaged. We recommend always having phantom power turned off for any channels connected to the BT-Pro.

What is the BT-Pro’s signal level output?

It is variable. This means it can be connected to either a mic or line level input on a mixing console. For mic level, simply turn down the output.

Why is the Headphone output so loud?

The BT-Pro is designed for professional use with any type of headphone. At one point, you may need to momentarily listen to the headphones during a very loud concert. This lets you turn up. Be careful, extensive exposure to high sound pressure levels can lead to permanent hearing damage!

Why does the headphone amp and output share the same control?

Today, with so many artists flying, keeping the size down is essential. Because the BT-Pro is packed with circuitry, we felt this was an acceptable compromise. Note that the headphone out is not meant for listening… it is meant for testing.

Will the BT-Pro fit in a J-Rak™?

No, The BT-Pro cannot be mounted in a J-Rak due to the location of the isolation transformer switches.

Do the isolation transformers affect the sound quality?

Yes. In exchange for eliminating noise, these reduce the frequency response at each extreme and is mostly audible in the low end. The trade off, however, is advantageous given the benefits.

Once I am paired, can someone else hop onto the transmission?

No, only one device can pair with the BT-Pro at a time. If you happen to lose your connection, your device will remember the passcode, so reconnecting should be as simple as reselecting the BT-Pro from the list.

How do I pair my device with the BT-Pro?

When your Bluetooth® device is in proximity, the BT-Pro will automatically appear on the available Bluetooth devices list as “Radial Eng”. Once selected, it will ask for an initial pairing code. It’s that simple!

Do I need to enter the password every time I connect to the BT-Pro?

No, once you have completed the initial pairing with the BT-Pro, your Bluetooth device will remember the password for you. You will still need to select it from your devices list to pair.

Will the BT-Pro automatically reconnect to my device after initial pairing?

If your Bluetooth device has been paired to the BT-Pro and is still active, the BT-Pro will automatically pair to the same Bluetooth device when the BT-Pro is turned back on in range.

What happens if a device connected to the BT-Pro goes out of range?

If your Bluetooth device goes out of range of your BT-Pro, the device playback will pause and the blue LED on the BT-Pro will slowly blink to show the unit is in stand-by mode, which prevents other devices from pairing with it. Once the device is back in range, the BT-Pro will automatically reconnect to continue playback. If you are out of range for more than two minutes, the BT-Pro will exit stand-by mode and be available for pairing again.

What happens when multiple people try to connect to the BT-Pro at one time?

The BT-Pro will only allow one playback device to connect at a time. This prevents anyone from ‘hijacking’ your audio feed. To switch to a different playback device, disconnect the first device and then pair the second with the BT-Pro as usual.

I can see the BT-Pro in my available devices list, but I cannot pair with it. Why is this?

If the BT-Pro is currently paired with another device, it will show up in your devices list but will not allow pairing. This is to avoid a second device ‘kicking off’ one that is already paired with the BT-Pro. Toggling the ON switch on your BT-Pro will reset the connection and you will be able to pair it with another device.

How can I improve the range of the BT-Pro?

Ensure that there is a clear line of sight between the BT-Pro and your Bluetooth device. The BT-Pro receives the wireless signal through the T-shaped Sintra cover, so adjusting the angle and placement of the BT-Pro will also affect reception.

What do the LEDs indicate on the BT-Pro?

The blue and red LEDs on the BT-Pro will toggle to show that it is in search mode for pairing with other Bluetooth devices. Once paired, the blue LED will flash once every three seconds. When audio is playing, the blue LED will flash three times quickly every three seconds. If your device goes out of range of the BT-Pro, the blue LED will slowly blink to show the unit is in stand-by mode.

Can I pair my computer to the BT-Pro using a USB Bluetooth dongle?

Yes, but keep in mind that some pairing features may need to be activated in the software for your USB dongle. Please refer to the dongle’s software manual for instructions on how to activate these features.

What should the volume be set to on my Bluetooth device when using the BT-Pro?

We recommend that you set your device’s playback level to at least 80% to optimize the signal to noise ratio.

Will the BT-Pro capture the audio from a phone call?

No. The BT-Pro was not designed to capture audio from phone calls.

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