This product has been discontinued and is no longer shipping. Manufacturing specs and user information is provided below for owners of the product.

Bumper Instrument Selector

Part # R800 7094 00

About the Bumper

  • Connect up to four instruments to your stage amp
  • Sequential footswitch selector with LEDs
  • Choice of Drag control or Input Trim on each channel
  • Radial’s Class-A buffer maintains audio fidelity

The Bumper routes four instrument inputs to a single 1/4″ output to feed a stage amp or pedalboard, with a footswitch selector that rotates through each of the inputs.

Bumper Applications

Select between 3 electric guitars

With only three instruments connected, the Bumper will only rotate through these, ignoring input-4. Set the Drag control for each instrument to replicate the tone and feel as if connected directly to your amp.

Select between four basses

Combine active and passive basses using the Drag control on your Fenders® and the Trim to balance your active 5 and 6 string basses so that they all play at the same level. Add a tuner using the dedicated output.

Select between four acoustics

Instantly switch between your dreadnaught, 12 string, mandolin and dobro. Set the Drag when using a magnetic pickup and then match the rest of your instruments using the Trim controls.