Catapult Mini FAQ

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What type of cable should I use with the Catapult?

We recommend using shielded Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable for the best audio performance and noise rejection. Shielded cable is also required if you have any microphones connected which need 48V phantom power to operate. However, you may also use unshielded Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable to transmit audio between your Catapults.

Can I use the Catapult Minis to transmit AES signals?

No, the Catapult Minis do not use 110 Ohm cable and connectors required for AES signal transmission. To transmit and receive AES signals over Cat 5 cable, use the Catapult TX4 and RX4.

Can I use the Catapult Mini for speaker level signals?

No, the wire inside a Cat 5 cable is not thick enough to transmit speaker levels. For speakers, you would need 18-gauge wire or larger.

Can I use the Catapult Mini to transmit unbalanced signals?

Unbalanced signals require a coaxial cable design with an integral shield. Sending unbalanced signals over a balanced cable does not provide any benefit. It may work, but you will likely encounter noise, particularly if you extend the cable beyond 8 meters (25′).

How far can I transmit analog audio signals using Cat 5 cable?

We have tested the transmission to 100 meters (300′) without problem. As with any audio snake, when you extend beyond a certain length of cable, you may begin to experience more noise and high frequency signal loss due to cable capacitance. For the best results, we recommend you always use shielded Cat 5 cable.

Can I use the Catapult Mini as a 2 x 2 or 3 x 1 bidirectional audio snake?

Yes, you can use the Catapult system to send signals in both directions simultaneously. However, due to the differences in signal strength between mic and line-level signals, you may have crosstalk from the line-level signals onto the mic channels.

Can I mix and match Catapult Mini modules with the Catapult TX4 or the RX4?

Absolutely! All of the Catapult modules are compatible with one another, so you can connect the Catapult TX4 to the Catapult Mini RX, or connect two Catapult Mini TRS to each other to create a four channel TRS snake.

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