1x4 Line Distribution Amplifier

4-Output Distribution Module

The ChainDrive is an innovative 1×4 distribution module designed to send any audio signal to multiple processers, effects, or remote audio systems simultaneously.

  • 1×4 line level distribution amplifier
  • Balanced or unbalanced operation
  • Individual output level controls
  • Compatible with all 500 series racks

Simple 4-output audio splitting

The ChainDrive makes it easy to feed multiple effects processors at once for creative parallel processing, or distribute any line level audio signal to a number of destinations in the studio. Buffered outputs prevent noise and interference, and individual level controls allow you to achieve optimal gain-staging no matter what range of devices you are connecting to. With the ChainDrive in your 500 series rack, you have access to simple noise-free audio distribution at your fingertips.

ChainDrive Applications

Multiband compression

With a ChainDrive you can split the signal to feed multiple dynamic processors for multi-band compression and have different frequencies cause compression to occur depending on the program material.

Feeding multiple effects

Add character spice and effects to any track by sending it into the ChainDrive and then have it feed various effects processors simultaneously. Use Shuttle modules and the Workhorse for return paths and mix each stem as needed.

Feeding amps and pedals

Use the ChainDrive as a guitar distro to feed various guitar amps and effects simultaneously. Add mics and then mix to create the tastiest audio soup ever!

ChainDrive Resources

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