ChainDrive FAQ

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Can I use the ChainDrive backwards like a 4×1 mixer?

No. The circuit is active and buffered and therefore will only drive the signal in one direction.

If I do not have a Workhorse, is there a way to access the Omniport function?

No. Only Workhorse racks are equipped with Omniport.

Can I use the FEED switch on my Workhorse to feed the ChainDrive?

Yes of course. This eliminates having to patch using a cable.

Can I use two ChainDrives together to create more outs?

Yes. Simply connect one output from the first ChainDrive and connect it to the second Chain Drive’s input to get 7 outputs.

Can I connect an electric guitar to the ChainDrive to feed several amps?

Not really. The ChainDrive is designed to be fed from a line level source. Guitar output levels are significantly lower. Connect your guitar to a preamp first and then distribute via the ChainDrive.

Can I connect a keyboard to the ChainDrive to feed two amps, a Leslie and a mixer?

Yes. Most keyboards are capable of putting out -10dB levels which are perfectly suitable for the ChainDrive.

Are the ChainDrive’s outputs transformer isolated?

No. These are actively buffered, direct coupled outputs.

Will I experience a ground loop with the ChainDrive?

It is possible as the outputs are not transformer isolated. To help minimize ground loops, connect all of the amps and effects to the same power bar. This usually eliminates the problem.

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