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When I switch the Cherry Picker, I hear a slight pop. Is this normal?

Yes. Keep in mind that the Cherry Picker is a pure – straight wire switcher. What this means is that we do not incorporate transformers or buffers in the circuit which can be used to eliminate noise. These color the sound which of course would completely negate the whole point. We have carefully designed the Cherry Picker to bleed off the DC offset which is generated by the microphone and phantom power so that the popping is minimized without interfering with the audio signal path.

Can I use the Cherry Picker backwards with 4 inputs and 1 output?

Yes. Although you will need turn-arounds (XLR sex change adaptors), this will work. Just make sure the Phantom Power is off. The Gold Digger may however be a better choice as it is designed to do this.

Can I use the Cherry Picker backwards to compare microphones?

Not easily. You could compare dynamic mics, but since there is no phantom at the outputs (used backwards the outputs become inputs and the input becomes an output), you could not use it to compare condenser mics. You would be better served to use the Radial Gold Digger which designed for comparing mics.

Will phantom power from the preamps hurt the Cherry Picker?

No. But this could introduce noise when switching from one preamp to another.

Can phantom power from the Cherry Picker hurt my ribbon mic?

It depends. Most new ribbon mics are designed with protective circuitry while older ribbon mics may not be so equipped. Check with the manufacturer to be safe.

Why does Radial use external power supplies?

For years, large consoles always used external supplies. This has several benefits. First – by taking the power out of the audio enclosure, you eliminate induced noise from the transformer. Second – power supplies tend to be the single most common point of failure in electronic equipment. This makes it easy to replace should ever it fail. Third – in order to comply with international safety standards – employing a power supply that has passed international safety tests enables us to comply with local regulations and benefits everyone by allowing us to sell the product at a lower price.

Can I use the Cherry Picker to switch +4dB balanced line level devices?

Yes. The Cherry Picker is perfectly suited to switch audio signals of all types other than high-output speaker levels.

Can I rackmount the Cherry Picker?

Yes. You can rackmount both the Cherry Picker with an SA Series Rack Adaptor.

Can the Cherry Picker be configured so that two outputs can be active at the same time?

No. The Cherry Picker employs ‘Radio’ style switches which automatically turn the current output off when another selector switch is depressed. This helps save time and streamlines the comparison process.

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