2-Channel Dante Network Transmitter

Compact Dante Network Interface

The Radial DiNET DAN-TX is a 2-channel Dante™ transmitter for adding instrument or line level inputs to any Dante system.

  • Stereo analog input device for Dante networks
  • Connect instruments or line level sources
  • ¼”, RCA and 3.5mm stereo TRS inputs
  • 24bit/96kHz analog to digital conversion

More ways than ever to connect over Dante

Need to connect a smartphone, tablet, or any playback device to a Dante network? How about an electric guitar, while still feeding an amp on stage? The DAN-TX can do it all. In fact, with signal handling of up to +24dB, you can connect the line level outputs of a mixing console to the DAN-TX without breaking a sweat. A local level control allows you to adjust as needed, and a number of input connector types ensures you won’t be digging around for an adaptor cable at a critical moment. No matter what source you’re using, the DAN-TX is the easiest way to get your analog audio onto a Dante network.

DiNET DAN-TX Applications

Using the DAN-TX for mono instruments

Switching to instrument mode changes the Right ¼" connector to a Thru-put for connection to a local amplifier. Now your instrument can be routed anywhere on Dante network while still allowing for local monitoring through the stage amplifier.

Using the DAN-TX for stereo instruments or multi-media

Plug in your stereo keyboards, synths, laptops, tablets or any other unbalanced consumer device and route through the Dante network without installing special software. Simply connect to the ¼", RCA or 3.5mm inputs.

Using the DAN-TX for balanced professional audio

The DAN-TX features ¼” TRS jacks that allow for signal levels up to +24dBu. Any balanced analog mixer, recorder or playback source can be quickly connected to a Dante network.

Using the DAN-TX to easily connect mobile devices

The 3.5mm input on the DAN-TX makes it easy to connect smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices and connect them to your Dante network without worrying about installing software or finding adapter cables.


DiNET DAN-TX Resources

Part no: R800 1062 00

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