Dragster FAQ

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Will the Dragster work on active pickups like EMGs?

No, not really, The Dragster is designed to be used with magnetic pickups. Using it on active pickups will have little or no effect.

Will the Dragster affect the tone of battery powered acoustic guitar?

No. The built-in preamp inside the acoustic already buffers the signal. As such, the Dragster will have little or no effect.

Can I use the Dragster on a sound-hole pickup?

Yes. Most pickups that fit in the sound hole of an acoustic guitar are magnetic. They will benefit by sounding warmer and richer.

Can I use the Dragster at the receive end of my wireless system?

No. The output of the wireless system is buffered. The Dragster will only work if connected directly in line with the pickup before the signal reaches the wireless transmitter. You can however use the Radial ProRMP at the output of the wireless receiver to warm up the tone. The ProRMP is a passive Reamping device that works well.

Will the Dragster help me when I record direct to my computer?

Yes – Absolutely. By adjusting the load on the pickup before it is processed, the tone will become much more natural and amp like. You can then dial in your tone using amp modeling software or take it a step further by Reamping the signal.

Will the Dragster help the tone of my bass guitar when recording direct?

Yes – Absolutely. Just connect the bass to the Dragster and then connect the output to the instrument line input on your mic pre or console. This will let you reintroduce the load that otherwise is lost for a more natural analog tone.

Can the Dragster be used with a piezo pickup?

No. Piezo pickups sound best when they see a very high input impedance in the range of 4 meg to 10 meg ohms. The Radial PZ-Pre, JDV and PZ-DI are designed specifically for this. The Dragster is designed to work below 1 meg-ohm which does not make it suitable.

I have an amp with a horrible sounding effects-loop that sucks tone like crazy. Would the Dragster help to improve the tone?

No. The amplifier’s effects-loop will be buffered so the effect using the Dragster will be negligible.

Is the Dragster not simply a high end filter?

When you first listen to it, this may be your initial impression. But unlike a filter that simply cuts the highs, the Dragster couples directly with the magnetic pickup and reacts as part of the circuit. Think of when you turn down your guitar, the output changes but so does the tone. The Dragster is similar. It is a subtle effect that retains the feel of the instrument.

How do I power the Dragster?

No power is required. The Dragster is passive.

What is the Dragster’s impedance range?

From 500K down to 10k-ohms

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