EDU-DI Student DI Kit direct box DIY kit

Part # R800 1100 99

About the EDU-DI

  • Jensen equipped direct box in a kit form for students
  • Comes complete with everything needed to build a world-class DI
  • Detailed how-to-build instruction sheet provided
  • Educates student on the benefits of a great transformer
  • Gives student a tool that can be used for the rest of their life

The EDU-DI kit, a build-it-yourself, Jensen transformer-equipped direct box, developed specifically for students attending recording schools and other higher education facilities that teach professional audio as part of their curriculum.

The EDU-DI design begins with a tough aluminum outer shell with a slide-in chassis. A printed circuit board with extra sturdy solder pads makes it easy for students to learn to solder, while ensuring the solder points will not fail over time. Included are rugged steel encased switches for ground lift, pad and polarity reverse, ¼” and XLR connectors, and all the required resistors and capacitors. At the heart of the kit is the Jensen JT-DB-EPC transformer, the same used by many of the most popular direct boxes found on stages and in studios around the world.