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Can I use the Headlight to switch between two pairs of outputs?

No. It is only set up to sequentially travel between outputs. You can use the ALL-ON function to add another output, but the active output will remain on.

Can I use the Tuner Out to drive a 5th amp?

Yes, however this output is always on and is not equipped with any noise-preventing transformer.

The Headlight selector switch is rotating beyond the two amps I have connected. Why?

Check to make sure the unused output ground lift switches are in the down (GND) position. When the switching jacks are not in use, they need the ground connection to identify the status.

Can I connect the Headlight backwards as a guitar selector?

No. Active or buffered circuits only allow the signal to go in one direction. So unlike passive switchers that can sometimes work backwards, the Headlight only works in one direction.

Can I use the Headlight with bass or other instruments?

Yes. The Headlight can be used with any instrument.

How long of a cable can I use on the output?

Since the Headlight is a high performance buffer, it will lower the impedance and susceptibility to noise. This will enable you to drive longer cables – up to 15 meters (50’) without appreciable noise, so long as you are using high quality, low capacitance guitar cables.

Can I use any power brick to supply the Headlight?

Pretty much all pedalboard power bricks are setup with 9V outputs following the standard set by Boss®. This is the same powering as needed to supply the Headlight. Just makes sure you set your power supply to the proper voltage and polarity.

Can I use a 15VDC Tonebone power supply with the Headlight?

No. The polarity is not correct and the output current is too high.

Can I send the output of the Headlight to a direct box?

Yes of course. This lets you use the Headlight as an instrument selector to switch between your stage amp and the PA.

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