Guitar Amp Load Box

Guitar Amp Load Box

The Headload™ is a power attenuator that connects between your amplifier and speaker to capture the dynamics and warmth of your amp at low, neighbour-friendly volumes.

  • Combination load box and DI with speaker emulation
  • Available in 4, 8, or 16 Ohms
  • Can handle up to 130 watts RMS (180 peak)
  • Attenuate down to 1% of total power

Sound Loud, Play Quiet!

Featuring two built-in JDX amp DIs—one pre-EQ and one post-EQ—the Headload eliminates the need to use a microphone to capture the sound from your amplifier. Should you decide to combine the DI signal with a microphone, the Headload is augmented with a built-in Radial Phazer to time-align the two signals to create massive tones. The Headload uses a 6-position rotary switch to set the desired power reduction from unaltered all the way down to complete silence. When the output is completely soaked, the high-quality headphone amplifier can be used for silent 3:00AM practicing.

Headload Applications

Headload to reduce sound pressure on stage

The Headload lets you reduce the output level going to your speaker cabinet for a more controlled stage sound. This makes it easier for the engineer to mix.

Using the Headload to record without any sound

Use the Headload as a 'dummy load' by turning the speakers off and record in complete silence via the built-in Radial JDX Reactor. Works great on guitar and bass!

Amazing tones by combining Headload with a mic

For the absolute best tone, combine the direct feed from the JDX with a mic and then phase align the two signals using the built-in Radial Phazer. Be prepared for madness!


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Headload Resources

  • Model:
  • V4
  • V8
  • V16
  • Part No:
  • R800 7054 00
  • R800 7058 00
  • R800 7056 00

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