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Can I use the HotShot ABi to switch phantom powered condenser microphones?

You could try, but due to the 48V powering of the mics, you could encounter a pop when switching, depending on the console’s grounding scheme. Always test at very low system volumes if you chose to use the ABi for these types of mics. Dynamic microphones do not require phantom power and therefore are safe and recommended.

Can I use the HotShot ABi to select between two direct boxes?

If the direct boxes are passive, this will work perfectly. If the direct boxes are active, you could encounter popping depending on how they are powered. 48V phantom power could pose a problem depending on the console. Always test at a low volume before switching phantom powered sources.

Can I use the HotShot ABi with two electric guitars?

You could, but the BigShot ABY is better suited for this as high-impedance guitar signals work best with hi-impedance coaxial cables and connectors.

Why are there no LED indicators on the ABi?

The HotShot ABi is a passive device. This means that it does not require any power whatsoever to make it work. We can do away with costly batteries, space hungry power supplies and phantom power which can introduce noise. The downside is that we do not have any power to light up LEDs.

Can I use the HotShot ABi to switch from two amplifiers into one speaker?

No. This would not be safe.

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