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How does the J33 compare to other high end phono preamps?

The J33 compares nicely. In fact, many have said the J33 sounds better than those that cost much more. The J33 does not have any fancy chrome or wood finish as it is more of an industrial design. So just hide it behind your receiver and forget about it…

There is no power switch! Can I leave the J33 on?

Absolutely. The J33 can run all day along. If you want to reduce power consumption in your home or studio, we recommend that it be connected to a central power bar and shut off together with your audio system when not in use.

Can I use an active cartridge with the J33?

No. The J33 is designed to use magnetic cartridges which make up 99% of all turntable cartridges ever sold. It will not work with active cartridges.

What is the RIAA curve and why do I need one?

The RIAA curve is a pre-equalization curve that allows the long play record to be produced more efficiently. On playback, the reverse curve is needed to offset the effect. This special curve is built into the J33.

Why is there no ground lift on the J33?

Because the ground lift would disconnect the pin-1 on the XLR which in turn would shut off the phantom power. Also, the turntable needs a ground connection for quiet, hum-free operation.

Can I rack mount the J33?

Yes. The Radial J-Rak will allow as many as 8 direct boxes to be rack mounted in two RUs. The J33 also mounts in the Radial J-clamp for secure mounting to a desk or rig.

Is the J33 better than using a DJ mixer?

This depends… if you are looking for high quality reproduction, then the J33’s superior quality RIAA preamp will likely be a better choice. If you are DJ’yng in a night club, a DJ mixer will likely do a better job.

Can I use the J33 for other devices such as CD players?

No – The J33’s input has a special RIAA equalization curve would make cause the CD player to sound terrible.

Which input do I sue to connect the J33 to my receiver?

Most audio inputs on today’s receivers are all the same. This includes the CD input, aux in, tape in and so on. They are unbalanced -10dB. The stereo RCA output on the J33 is perfectly matched for these.

Which is better to power the J33: 48V phantom or the 15VDC power supply?

There is no difference. The J33 will auto-switch between them with the 15VDC supply taking priority. (Allow 15 seconds to stabilize when switching).

How long can I run cables from the J33?

With the unbalanced RCA outputs; the maximum recommended cable length would be 7.5 meters (15 feet) due to susceptibility to noise. If you use the balanced low impedance outputs, you can easily drive cables 100 meters long (300 feet) without any appreciable loss.

What do I do if the rumble filter does not eliminate resonant feedback?

Try using an isolation pad such as the Primacoustic IsoPlane ( This will reduce the mechanical vibration going into the turntable and help eliminate low-frequency resonant feedback.

Will the J33 work for both moving coil and moving magnet cartridges?

The J33 is designed for use with magnetic cartridges only.

Can I connect more than one device to the outputs at a time?

Yes, all of the J33 outputs will be active simultaneously, so you can connect multiple devices and use them at the same time.

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