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What is the sonic diference between the Reamp JCR and the original Reamp?

Both employ the same exact circuit and custom made audio transformer. The differences are primarily aesthetic. This has to do with our wanting to have the Reamp look and feel like a Radial product.

Are there any advantages to the new design?

Yes. The steel housing provides better shielding than aluminum. We have also added a couple of features such as a filter and a mute function.

What is the difference between the Reamp JCR and the Radial X-Amp™?

The Reamp JCR is passive while the X-Amp is active. It is like comparing a dynamic microphone to a condenser; both sound good. The active X-Amp lets you run two amps at once while the Reamp JCR is set for one. The JCR has filters and a mute function. At the end of the day, it is more a matter of personal preference.

What is the difference between the Reamp JCR and the Radial ProRMP™?

Both are passive. The ProRMP is basically a scaled down version of the Reamp JCR that makes Reamping more affordable for small studios. It uses a custom made transformer but this is not quite as good as the one used in the Reamp JCR. For instance, the frequency response is not quite as broad and it does not have as much shielding.

What is the advantage of a transformer based Reamper over an active type?

You can hit the transformer with more level and it naturally rounds out the tone. Some say it gives digital a more vintage feel.

Can I connect to more than one amp using the Reamp JCR?

You can, but you will not have any way of isolating one amp from the other or adjusting the phase between them. The Radial X-Amp or Radial JD7 Injector may be better suited for situations where you want to Reamp to more than one amp.

How does using the Reamp JCR compare to using a passive DI like the Radial JDI™ backwards?

Direct box transformers are designed to handle very low signal levels. The transformer inside the JCR is designed to accept a line level signal without distortion. You can use a DI box like the JDI backwards, but you would have to be careful about your levels. You also need to use XLR turn -arounds to get the connections to work. The Reamp JCR is easier and better suited for the task.

Can I use the Reamp JCR backwards to work like a direct box?

No. The transformer is not sensitive enough to act like a DI box. You could possibly use it for high level devices, but a DI box would be much better suited for the task.

How would you characterize the tonal difference between the X-Amp and the Reamp JCR?

The X-Amp will have more top end shimmer while the Reamp JCR will sound a touch smoother. Think of comparing a dynamic mic to a condenser. This is more or less what you can expect, only in this case, the difference will be much more subtle.

Can I use the ProRMP (or JCR) to feed the balanced output from my mixer to my Roland JC120 guitar amp?

Yes. The ProRMP will help you by providing a proper impedance and the transformers will warm the tone. You also benefit with transformer isolation which in turn will help eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops.

Can I use the Reamp JCR with the line level output from a keyboard?

Yes. Simply connect the line out from the keyboard to the ¼” input on the JCR and then, send the output to your guitar amp or pedals.

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