JR1-M Momentary AB footswitch

Part # R800 2080 00

About the JR1-M

  • Remote control footswitch for compatible Radial products
  • LED indicators light up with select devices
  • Connect with either balanced XLR or 1/4″ TS
  • Heavy duty construction for years of trouble-free use

The Radial JR-1™ is a single action footswitch designed to remotely control a function such as selecting A or B outputs. As a passive device, it does not require any power to make it work. Instead, it employs a simple mechanical switch that shorts the positive with the ground using either ¼” or XLR connections. The JR1 is available in a ‘L’ latching version that requires pushing on and pushing off the footswitch to sort and release the contact, or a ‘M’ momentary version that shorts the contact when depressed, and releases as soon as the switch is released.

Refer to the compatibility list below to see which products this footswitch is designed to work with. Please note that the LED indicators will only be powered during operation when used with the following products: Relay Xo, Studio Q.