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Will 48V phantom power hurt the JS2 or JS3?

No. Phantom power will not pass through the isolation transformer.

Can I use the JS2 or JS3 to split a keyboard or CD player signal and drive two sources?

Yes. Keep in mind that these splitters are designed for mic levels, therefore when using higher output devices such as CD players or keyboards, depress the -30dB pad to keep from overloading the transformer. The output will then feed a mic level input.

Can I send the output of the JS2 or JS3 directly to a recording system?

It depends. The JS2 is designed to mate with a mic preamp such as found on a mixer’s microphone input. If your recorder also features a built-in mixer you should be OK. If it is a line level device, then you will require a mic preamp or mixing console to boost the signal.

Why are mic splitters always mic level?

Microphone splitters are usually employed in concert touring environments and all of the transformers used are mic level since for the most part, the source will either be a mic or a direct box. Further, running level signals adjacent to mic level signals through a snake could cause crosstalk.

Why is the pad -30dB?

Most microphones generally produce levels that are about -40dB or so below a line level source. To protect the JS2 and JS3 from overload, a -30dB pad works well with most high output instruments.

Does the JS2 require power?

No. The JS2 is a completely passive device that does not require any power to work. Just plug and play.

Can I rack mount the JS2 or JS3?

Yes, using the J-Rak.

Can I use the JS2 or JS3 to split a line level signal from the output of my mixer?

The JS2 and JS3 are mic level splitters – not line level. This means that they are designed for signals that are very low level. You can activate pad to reduce the sensitivity and use them with high output devices, but this will reduce the output from the JS2 and JS3 to a mic level which means you then need to send the signal to a mic level input.

Can I use the JS2 or JS3 to split the signal coming from the JDX amplifier DI and send it to 2 or 3 destinations?

Yes! Absolutely!

What is the difference between the JS2 and the ProMS2?

The primary difference is the transformer. In the JS2 is a Jensen. This delivers unmatched frequency response and because of the dual Faraday shield design, it will also exhibit less noise. The JS2 is a good as it gets . while the ProMS2 does a spectacular job at a more affordable price.

How do I power a condenser mic or active DI through the JS2 or JS3?

Simply send phantom power from the mic preamp on the console or interface to the Direct-1 (THRU) connection on the JS2 or JS3.

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