Guitar and Amp Switcher

4x2 Guitar and Amp Switcher

The JX-42™ is a compact guitar and amp switcher made to handle up to four guitars and two amps, with the ability to select inputs and outputs locally or via remote footswitch control.

  • Select between 4 guitars and 2 amps
  • Individual input trims & Drag Control load correction
  • Remote footswitch control with optional JR-2 and JR-5 switches
  • Transformer isolated to eliminate ground loops

Compact switching solution

The JX-42 is a surprisingly powerful guitar and amp control center, small enough to fit on top of your amp, but able to switch between up to four guitars and two amplifiers without noise. Each input is equipped with a trim control to level-match input signals, or a Drag control load correction circuit to optimize the impedance presented to magnetic pickups for a more natural tone. Optional JR-5 and JR-2 footswitches can be connected for instant switching available right at your feet, allowing the JX-42 to be rack mounted off-stage when used with wireless systems.

JX-42 Applications

Four guitars – 2 amps

The JX-42 makes it easy to switch between four guitars using the radio-style selector switches. Connect two amps and use the JR2 footswitch to remotely switch between them.

Four basses and DI box

Instantly switch between four basses using the JR5 remote control. For the upright, add a direct box on output B to automatically mute the stage amp when selected.

Adding wireless systems

Use the Trim controls to match the levels from your wireless to your wired guitars. The guitar tech can select guitars using the JR5 remote while the artist selects amps using the JR2.

JX-42 Resources

Part no: R800 6505 00

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