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Can I use the Radial JX-42 on bass?

Yes. You can in fact use the JX-42 on any instrument.

Will the JX-42 alter the tone of my guitar?

Although any audio circuit will affect the tone in some way, the JX-42 employs the same buffer circuit and Drag control load correction that is used on the Radial JD7 which by all accounts is the most natural sounding buffer made today.

Can more than one input be turned on at the same time?

No. The JX-42 employs radio-style switches that automatically turn off the active channel when a new one is selected. This prevents more than one guitar or bass to be on at any one time.

Can I have both outputs on at the same time?

No. Only one can be active at one time – either A or B.

Can I use any latching footswitch with the JX-42?

Probably. The JR2 remote input employs a TRS connection. Simply check with your local music store amp technician to make sure it is wired accordingly.

Can I use the tuner out to feed a thirds amp?

Yes. However there are a few concerns that you must contend with: the tuner out is always on and this output is not transformer isolated. If you encounter hum and buzz caused by ground loops, try connecting all of your amps and the JX-42 via a single power bar.

Can I use the tuner out to feed a direct box?

Yes. We recommend using a passive direct box like the Radial JDI or ProDI as these are equipped with transformers to help reduce noise.

Are the thru outputs buffered?

No. They are straight thru connections.

Why does the JX-42 use a dreaded wall wart?

External power supplies have several benefits: First is that they are often safety approved for use around the globe. Second, when you take the power supply out of the enclosure, you eliminate noise. Third, power supplies tend to be the most common point of failure in any system. So repair or replacement is easily done.

Can effects be used anywhere in the signal chain?

Yes. They can go before the input, at the output or at the thru-put.

Will the Drag control have any effect on active pickups like EMGs?

Drag will have very little effect on the tone. You can maybe reduce the noise by turning the control fully counter-clockwise.

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