This product has been discontinued and is no longer shipping. Manufacturing specs and user information is provided below for owners of the product.

JX44 Guitar Signal Manager

Part # R800 6500 00

About the JX44

  • Select between up to 4 guitars and 6 amps
  • Programmable with optional JR5 footswitch
  • Built in DI box, SGI line driver and X-Amp Reamper
  • Transformer isolated to eliminate ground loops

The Radial JX44 is a guitar signal manager and switcher designed for the most demanding professional concert stages where wireless guitar systems, acoustics, effects and multiple amplifiers are used simultaneously.

JX44 Applications

Using the JX44 on a big stage

The Radial JX44 is command central for wireless guitars and a barrage of amplifiers. The JR5 remotely controls the amps or effects loops letting you set up various scenes for instant setup changes.

Using the JX44 to manage four instruments

Use the JX44 to select between 4 instruments for quick changes between songs. Individual level controls on inputs 3 and 4 make it easy to balance the signals. Use the built-in Radial DI to feed the PA system.

Using the JX44iIn the studio

The JX44's built in DI box is perfect for recording a clean track. Send it back to the built in Reamp to feed up t six amps simultaneously. Add pedals and move mics to create the ultimate wall of sound.