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Will the JX62 boost the guitar signal?

No. It is a unity gain device, designed to merely pass along the same output level as the input it receives.

Can I use the JX62 on bass or keyboards?

Yes. The JX62 has plenty of headroom to accommodate high output instruments.

Is the JX62 class-A buffer circuit the same as used in the Radial JD7?

Yes. Our unique 100 % discrete class-A buffer has served us well and is trusted by many of the world’s most renown musicians. Using it simply makes good sense.

Are the output transformers in the JX62 the same Jensen models as used on a JD7?

There are two sets of output transformers in the JX62. The main outputs are the same Jensen JT-11YMPCs as used in the JD7. The direct box transformers are the same as the popular Radial ProDI.

What is the best way to send six separate balanced signals to the PA system?

Just add four direct boxes using the thru output on channels 1 ~ 4 to connect.

Can I remotely control the effects loop to turn it off or on?

No. You can however use the Radial JX44 to do this. The JX62 is not programmable.

Is there a way to route the six inputs to more than two stage amps?

Yes – you can connect additional amps by using the direct output from one of the channels.

Are the thru outputs on each channel transformer isolated?

No. They are merely pass-through jacks like the ones found on a direct box.

Can 48V phantom from my mixer damage the JX62?

The XLR outputs on the JX62 are transformer isolated to prevent ground loops. These also block DC voltage from 48V phantom power supplies to protect the JX62.

Will Drag™ Control affect the tone of a wireless system?

No. Once a signal is buffered, the impedance is set. Therefore, the Drag control load correction will have very little or zero effect.

Will the JX62 make a popping sound when I switch between two amps?

No. In order to avoid popping, the JX62 employs photo cells that ramp up and ramp down the signal. This ‘soft switch’ eliminates the hard contact that causes popping.

How can the Drag and Trim use the same potentiometer?

It is a dual wafer pot where one wafer is used to control the load (impedance) and the other as a volume level (sensitivity adjust). The switch selects the active wafer.

Can I use a Sharpie to write on the white label strips?

No. Permanent markers are permanent! You are better to use a wax pencil that can be cleaned off and relabeled for future setups.

Can I use the JX62 backwards to drive 6 amps?

No. Buffered circuits only allow the signal to flow in a single direction.

Can I use the tuner out to feed another amp?

Yes, but be aware that this is not transformer isolated nor does it have any polarity adjustment.

Can I use the headphone out to feed another amp or effects?

Yes, but be careful! This output is set very loud for headphones and can easily overdrive moat audio inputs. Further, it is not transformer isolated nor does it have any polarity adjustment. So it may cause ground loops.

Is the effects loop in the JX44/JX62 wired in series or parallel?

The effects loop is wired in series. You may add a Tonebone BigShot Mix to achieve parallel processing.

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