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Can I use the LX-2 with a microphone signal?

No, the LX-2 is designed for line-level signals, and will not provide optimal performance with a mic-level input. If you need to split the output of a microphone, the Radial JS2™ and JS3™ mic splitters are designed for this purpose.

Will the 48V from phantom power hurt the LX-2?

No, phantom power will not harm the LX-2. Both the transformer and blocking capacitors in the LX-2 will prevent 48V from passing through the device.

Can I use the LX-2 with unbalanced signals?

Absolutely. The LX-2 will automatically convert the signal to balanced audio at the isolated output. The direct output will mirror the input, and it will be unbalanced if the input is unbalanced.

Do I need power to drive the LX-2?

No, the LX-2 is completely passive, with no need for power.

Will the LX-2 fit in a J-Rak?

Yes, the LX-2 can be mounted in the J-Rak 4 and the J-Rak 8, or secured to a desktop or road case using the J-Clamp.

What is the maximum input level of the LX-2?

The LX-2 can handle +21dBu with the trim control fully bypassed.

Can I use the LX-2 backwards to sum two signals together?

We do not recommend this. The Mix2:1 is a better choice for summing two signals.

Can I use the LX-2 to split one signal to feed multiple powered speakers?

Yes, you can. This allows you to send a mono output from a mixing board to two powered speakers.

Can I bypass the trim control entirely?

Yes, when the TRIM ON recessed switch is not engaged, the trim control is completely bypassed from the circuit, so you don’t have to worry about the knob getting touched or bumped accidentally.

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