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Which are better for press conferences: condenser or dynamic mics?

Either will work. Condenser mics are usually preferred when on a podium as the presenter can be further away from the mic. A problem occurs when the speaker ‘eats’ the mic – causing excessive bass and distortion. Engaging the high-pass filter helps a lot. Dynamics are also perfectly well suited as demonstrated by the US President.

Does the mPress employ Jensen Transformers™?

No. Adding $100 transformers to every output would significantly increase the price. Further, since the effective frequency response of a spoken voice spans between 100Hz to 8kHz, having a frequency response that spans from 10Hz to 50kHz would not deliver a significant advantage.

Can I use the mPress as a distribution amplifier?

You can. However, you would have to carefully set the signal levels as they are designed for mic and extra loud outputs to feed the Exo-Pods, they are not line level.

Can I connect the mPress output to a PA system?

Yes. You can use any of the Exo-Pod outputs by connecting it to a balanced mic input on your PA. You can also use the program out to feed a +4dB balanced line level input.

For remote use, can the mPress be powered using a 12V battery?

No. To do this you will need to get an inverter which will generate the AC current.

Can the mPress be used passively as a simple mic splitter?

No. The preamps and drive circuits need to be powered.

Can I have both mics working at the same time in stereo?

Yes and no. Yes, both mics can be on at the same time. The output however is mono, not stereo.

Why can’t I use both the front and rear mic inputs at the same time? This would give me four inputs!

Because these are parallel connections, there are no separate volume controls or input buffers. Using both connectors could lead to noise.

Does Radial make a rackmount panel instead of the Exo-Pods?

No, but you can have one custom-made by contacting the Radial Custom Shop.

Can I use the mPress as a mini PA mixer?

Yes. Simply connect the program out to your powered speakers and your mics to the inputs.

If the rear XLR inputs are set to line level, can I still use the front panel mic inputs?

Yes you can. When the MIC/LINE recessed switch is pushed in for line level operation, the rear XLR inputs are routed directly to the main and gallery outputs. This allows you to connect the outputs of a mixing console to the rear XLR inputs, while still having the front mic inputs available.

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