12AX7 Tube Distortion

Two-channel High-gain Plexi Distortion Pedal

The Plexitube is a true-bypass, dual-channel tube distortion pedal that utilizes the warmth and harmonics from a 12AX7 tube to deliver over-the-top distortion tones.


  • High-gain, low noise Plexi-style tube distortion
  • Powerful post-distortion EQ controls
  • Channel 2 features insert loop for effects pedals
  • True-bypass switching to retain your tone

Two channels of colossal high-gain

The Plexitube is an extremely powerful dual-channel tube distortion pedal that offers a rich, harmonic high-gain experience like no other. Designed for practicality, the Plexitube’s dual channels make it a one-stop-shop for clean, rhythm and lead switching. Channel 1 is optimized for massive rhythm tones, whereas channel 2 has been optimized to produce razor-sharp cut and smooth sustaining mids to ensure that your solos are heard. Channel 2 is further augmented with an effects loop to eliminate tap dancing. The metal gods are calling!


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