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Is the Powerhouse compatible with older API modules?

Yes. We have spent a lot of time ensuring that the Powerhouse and all Workhorse racks and modules are backwards compatible with older API formats.

I heard many 500 series racks do not have enough power?

Some of the racks are certainly underpowered, but this is not the case with the Powerhouse. It has 1600 milliamps of shared power which is considerably more than most. Keep in mind that most modules require less than 50 milliamps to run. Tube devices require a lot more.

Why is there no power switch on the Powerhouse?

Adding a power switch would have meant adding high power relays and more noise suppression circuits which in turn would have added to the price. The easy solution is to use a power bar to power down your system when swapping modules.

What does the Omniport do if I do not have a Radial module?

If the module has not been equipped with Omniport functionality, then it will simply be ignored.

Will 48V phantom power harm modules like EQs or Compressors?

No. These modules do not have the phantom power connection attached and therefore having power on or off is of no consequence.

Do I need to use the black and red ground lugs?

No. These are for studios that employ special star grounding schemes and are only provided as a convenience.

Are all 500 series modules compatible with each other?

They are supposed to be! But unless you buy from a reputable manufacturer… you are taking the risk in hand.

Can I add the 8 channel Workhorse summing mixer inside the Powerhouse?

No. The Radial WM8 mixer module will only fit the Radial WR8 rack.

If I have a module in a slot, can I feed it two sources at the same time using the XLR and the TRS inputs?

Yes. So long as the two inputs are the same relative level, they will simply combine. Keep in mind that this can introduce more noise as each signal path will be combined.

If I have a module in a slot, can I use the XLR and the TRS outputs at the same time?

Yes. In most cases the output from a 500 series module is line level. This will simply act like a mult in a studio patchbay.

Does the FEED function work with all 500 series modules?

Yes. The FEED function connects the XLR output from one slot to the XLR input on the next. The module does not have to be made by Radial to work.

Will the link switch on the Powerhouse allow me to create a stereo link with a 3rd party 500 series module that doesn’t have a link function?

No. If the manufacture of the module hasn’t built a link feature into the module itself then the link switch on the Powerhouse will not be active.

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