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Are the PowerStrip and the Cube essentially the same?

Yes. Other than the physical layout, they are identical electronically.

Can you hot swap modules in and out of the PowerStrip?

For legal liability reasons, we cannot condone hot-swapping as we have no way of ensuring third party modules are designed to do so safely. We can tell you that we have built preventative measures into all Radial 500 series power racks that will protect devices should a hot swap error occur.

I have heard that some 500 series racks do not provide enough current?

Yes. Some of the older racks on the market followed API’s original spec with 130 milliamps of current per slot. This is not enough for power hungry modules like tube preamps that require at least 200 or more milliamps to fire up. The PowerStrip and the Cube have more power than the others to eliminate this issue.

Is the PowerStrip compatible with older API modules?

Yes. The PowerStrip follows the technical outline Radial established when developing the Workhorse. All of the specs can be downloaded by clicking the Whos-doc link.

What is the VPR Alliance?

API created the VPR Alliance as a means to ensure manufacturers abide by the API mechanical specification. It is not a performance specification or any form of admission of quality. VPR Alliance members are also given the right to sell API 500 series power racks.

Why is Radial not part of the VPR Alliance?

Because we produce our own power racks which of course compete with API, they would not allow Radial to become a member.

What is the WHOS-Doc?

Radial took two years to develop a standard specification for both the mechanical and electrical functions on the Workhorse. This basically increases functionality to the old API spec while adding extra features. Hundreds of manufacturers have downloaded the free document.

What happens if my 3rd party module is not equipped to work with the Omniport?

Nothing. The Omniport uses pin contacts that were left free. So they simply will not see any connection.

Who are some of the companies that have committed to following the WHOS-Doc specification?

Millenia, Grace Designs, JLM, Maag Audio, Alta Moda Audio, Burl Audio, S&M Audio, Forssell Technologies, DACS Ltd., Danfield Audio with many more and the list is constantly growing.

Can I use the Cube or the PowerStrip in a live touring situation?

Yes, absolutely. These are designed using 14 gauge steel construction to enable them to be used in the most abusive environments. The PowerStrip is probably better suited as it can be rack mounted.

What is parallel processing?

This is a process whereby you split the signal from say a preamp and send it to two different modules at the same time. You could for example mix a dry signal with a distorted one or maybe add a weird effect on one side. By running these in parallel you can then adjust the mix between the two later on.

What is the Omniport?

This is basically a ¼” TRS jack that can be used by the manufacturer to add extra functionality to a given module. The Omniport will change depending on what module is being used.

Do the PowerStrip or The Cube affect the sound of the module in any way?

No. They are merely supplying power to the module and connectors so that signal can be sent in and out. There are no audio circuits in these to affect the sound.

Can I use more than one tube module like a PowerTube preamp in the Cube?

No. These are designed for one high current tube module and two solid-state modules. You can of course use three solid-state modules.

If I have a module in a slot, can I feed it two sources at the same time using the XLR and the TRS inputs?

Yes. So long as the two inputs are the same relative level, they will simply combine. Keep in mind that this can introduce more noise as each signal path will be combined.

If I have a module in a slot, can I use the XLR and the TRS outputs at the same time?

Yes. In most cases the output from a 500 series module is line level. This will simply act like a mult in a studio patchbay.

Does the FEED function work with all 500 series modules?

Yes. The FEED function connects the XLR output from one slot to the XLR input on the next. The module does not have to be made by Radial to work.

Will the link switch on the Powerstrip allow me to create a stereo link with a 3rd party 500 series module that doesn’t have a link function?

No. If the manufacture of the module hasn’t built a link feature into the module itself then the link switch on the Powerstrip will not be active.

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