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How does the Radial ProD2 compare to the Radial Duplex?

The Radial ProD2 employs a custom wound Eclipse transformer while the Duplex employs the word’s finest Jensen transformer. The Duplex is fully outfitted with tons of features while the ProD2 feature set has been kept to a minimum. This makes the ProD2 more affordable.

How would you compare the sound between the Duplex and the ProD2?

Both are very good. The Duplex has a wider frequency response that extends to 40kHz which will be most audible in the studio. The ProD2 is designed to work up to 20kHz.

Does the ProD2 have the same transformer and sound as the ProD8?

Yes. Both employ the same transformer, audio circuit and RF filtering.

What is the benefit of a stereo DI as opposed to two single channel units?

For keyboards, it keeps everything tidy. For multi-instrumentalists who may switch between an acoustic guitar and a bass, it enables them to carry one box instead of two. It can also save you a few dollars!

Why are keyboards usually connected to the PA using a passive DI?

Most keyboards are high output devices that will overload most active direct boxes. As such, a passive transformer is better suited at handling the extreme dynamics. The other benefit with transformers is that they do not so much distort; they saturate. So when hit hard they act like a subtle limiter that is often referred to as vintage sounding.

If I can I connect a keyboard directly to a mixer, why do I need a DI box?

When using a snake system, it is important that all signal levels be similar in amplitude. If for instance you send a line level signal down the same snake as a mic level, you will likely encounter cross-talk due to the higher sensitivity of the mic preamp input. A direct box is designed to balance the signal and bring the level down so that it is compatible with the microphones on stage.

Can I use the ProD2 with a bass or acoustic guitar?

Yes. It is exactly the same as the ProDI only in a two channel (stereo) version.

Can I use the ProD2 with a computer?

Yes, although the ProAV2 has more suitable connectors.

Why do some folks believe active DIs are better than passive ones?

This likely comes from the early days of passive DIs. Back then, transformers were not made as well as the ones we have today and they caused loading on low output pickups such as those found on a vintage Fender bass. This created a need for active DIs to compensate. But with today’s high output digital keyboards and active instruments, loading is no longer a common problem. Passive DIs are unmatched when it comes to reducing system noise as they help eliminate ground loops. This makes them ideal for keyboards.

Does the ProD2 have a merge function like the JDI or J48?

No. Since the ProD2 is stereo, it processes both channels individually for true stereo operation. The merge is a passive resistive mix circuit that sums two input channels to mono.

What is the sonic difference between the Radial Duplex, ProD2, and the Stage Bug SB2?

The transformer in each DI is different. The Duplex employs a USA-made Jensen JT-DBE nickel transformer that delivers a 10Hz to 40kHz bandwidth; the ProD2 employs a similar Eclipse ET-DB2 transformer that delivers 20Hz to 18.5kHz; the Stage Bug SB-2 employs an Eclipse ET-DB3 that delivers 40Hz to 18kHz. The ET-DB1 and ET-DB2 have MuMETAL® shields while the ET-DB3 employs a more affordable copper shield.

Can I connect the balanced output from a mixer to the unbalanced input on the ProD2?

Yes, but it depends. While the ProD2 is perfectly capable of accepting unbalanced inputs, the use of balanced inputs with the ProD2 can potentially introduce the risk of noise while also causing the output of the balanced signal to be reduced by 6dB when used by the ProD2. Since some mixers have high amounts of output available, you may need to use the Pad switch to compensate in the case of distortion.

How should I connect the ProD2 when using a stereo effects pedal?

As most effects pedals have a mono input and stereo outputs, take the stereo outputs from the pedal and send them into the ProD2 which in turn will feed your recording system, personal mixer or PA. The ProD2 will prevent hum and buzz caused by ground loops and smooth out the tone.

What is the difference between the ProD2 and the ProAV2?

Sonically they are identical. The primary difference are the connectors. The ProD2 targets keyboard players while the ProAV2 targets multimedia

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