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How does the ProD8 compare to the JD6?

Both are primarily designed for keyboards. The JD6 is oriented for studio use with 6 channels and front panel controls while the ProD8 is tailored for live touring with 8 channels and reversible rack ears. Sonically, they are very similar. The ProD8 employs standard Eclipse DB2 transformers while the JD6 employs the top end Eclipse Elite DB1 transformers. The Eclipse DB2 is linear from 20Hz to 18.5kHz while the Eclipse Elite DB1 is linear from 10Hz to 40kHz. Both DIs are awesome and equally popular.

Why are transformers preferred over active circuits when used with keyboards?

Today’s digital keyboards can produce huge transients that will often distort most active circuits. This is particularly common with digital pianos. Passive circuits that use a high quality transformer are better suited to handle these transients. Transformers saturate. In other words, they gradually distort making them sound smoother.

If I can connect a keyboard directly to a mixer, why do I need a direct box?

When mixing live, it is preferable to have each keyboard show up as a separate instrument at the mix position. This allows the sound tech to adjust the relative mix between say a piano and an organ so that they sit better in the mix. What may sound good on stage, may not work for the audience.

Can I use the ProD8 in my studio for bass and guitars?

Yes of course. The ProD8 employs the same transformers and circuit as found in our popular Radial ProDI.

Where is the power jack on the ProD8?

The ProD8 is passive, It does not require any power whatsoever to make it work.

Will phantom power hurt the ProD8?

No. The transformers inside the ProD8 will block and essentially ignore phantom power.

I have a low output Rhodes piano. How will it work with the ProD8?

With low output keyboards like a Rhodes or some of the vintage synths from years gone by, you may need to use an active DI like the Radial J48. This will deliver more output due to the active buffering.

Why is the output from the ProD8 set to mic level?

All direct boxes are designed to produce a similar output to that of a microphone. This allows the mic and DI signals to share the same snake system without introducing cross talk or causing the splitter transformers to overload.

Can I use the ProD8 for backing tracks?

Yes. Although it does not automatically switch like the SW8, you can certainly use the merge function to have a backup system on standby.

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