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Does the PZ-Deluxe sound the same as the PZ-Pre?

Yes. It has the same audio signal path.

Why do I need to use a booster for a piezo pickup?

Piezo transducers are generally very low output devices. They need a very sensitive input and lots of drive to make them work properly. The PZB also increases the input impedance to smooth out the tone.

What is the PZ-Deluxe input impedance?

When the PZB is off, the input impedance is 6.8kOhms. This assumes that the instrument is buffered like most acoustic guitars. When the PZB is activated, the impedance rises to 10 meg-ohms to better suit piezo transducers. This ultra high input impedance smoothes out the transients for a smoother tone.

Can I use the PZ-Deluxe with any instrument?

Yes. It is a high quality preamp. It will work with any instrument.

Can I use the PZ-Deluxe to record?

Absolutely. Simply take the XLR out and connect it to the mic input of your recording system or mixing console. It will work very well and you may be surprised at how good your pickup can sound!

Can I use the EQ on the PZ-Deluxe like a notch filter?

No, not really. Notch filters generally employ a very narrow Q that is swept to find a very specific feedback problem and notch it out. The Q on the PZ-Deluxe is wider and more musically pleasing and is better suited for tone shaping.

Can I connect in-ear monitors to the PZ-Deluxe?

Yes, so long as the in-ear system is equipped with a headphone amp that is able to take a low-level signal and amplify it.

Can I use Phantom Power to supply the PZ-Deluxe?

No. Phantom does not have enough current to properly supply the type of preamp used in the PZ-Deluxe. A special 15VDC supply with 400 milliamps is used to give the PZ-Deluxe headroom.

Can Phantom Power harm the PZ-Deluxe?

No. Special blocking capacitors at the XLR input protect it from phantom power.

Can I use the PZ-Deluxe stage amp output to feed a guitar processor or pedal?

Yes. The stage amp output is buffered so that it can drive a pedal without affecting the piezo optimized input.

I have a +48V phantom power supply which I use to power a condenser microphone, do I need a special cable to connect the XLR output of the power supply to the input of the PZ-Deluxe?

You will need a XLR female to ¼” TS male cable with pin 3 (ground) wired to pin 1 (cold)

Is the sound quality and electronic performance of the PZ-Deluxe the same as the PZ-Pre?

Yes. The PZ-Deluxe has less features and a smaller foot print. But the primary audio circuit is the same.

Is the PZ-Deluxe a good choice for a classical guitar?

Yes. Absolutely great choice! If you have a piezo transducer, you merely activate the PZB booster and you are set to go. If you have built-in electronics, leave the booster out and the P|Z-Deluxe will work like magic!

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