Regency FAQ

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Is the Regency an overdrive, distortion or power booster?
The Regency is a dual-mode pedal. It is both a power booster and an overdrive.

Can the effects loop be activated using the pre-drive circuit?
The effects loop is a separate circuit from the pre-drive and must be engaged separately.

Can the effects loop be set so that it is always active?
Yes! Simply turn the boost level down (or set it where you see fit) and leave the boost channel active.

What is the benefit of ‘true-bypass’?
For purists, this allows the signal from the guitar to connect directly to the amp when the pedal is not active.

How does the low-mid control work?
It changes the cut-off point where the mid frequencies are processed. This moves the low-mid accent point up or down the scale, producing variations that can better suit each guitar and amp setup.

What is the signal flow for the effects loop, boost and overdrive?
Overdrive → Effects loop → Boost

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