Relay Xo FAQ

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Can I use the Relay Xo to switch any balanced or unbalanced signal?

Yes – so long as it is not phantom powered.

Can I use the Relay Xo as a mute for coughing?

Absolutely! Simply disregard the second output and it will quietly mute the signal when activated to mute the mic on a podium, court of law, broadcast station or conference center.

Can I permanently mount the Relay Xo into a rack?

Yes. The J-Clamp may be used to do so. It is equipped with screw-down flanges for this purpose.

Can I switch the Relay Xo using a midi switcher?

Yes. Most midi switchers are equipped with a contact closure that can be used for this purpose.

Is the Relay Xo able to switch digital signals like AES/EBU without a glitch?

This may or may not work for several reasons: first – the Relay’s characteristic impedance is not 110 ohms and second – it is completely analog. This may cut the handshaking between the source and destination which could cause a hiccup in the transmission. Testing is suggested.

Can the Relay Xo be used backward as a two input, one output switcher?

Yes, but this will require turn-around connectors.

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