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Can the Shotgun work in reverse and mix a stereo source to mono?

No. It is a distribution amplifier not a mixer.

Can I use the Shotgun on bass?

Yes. It will work perfectly fine with bass.

Can I use the Shotgun with an acoustic guitar?

Yes. It works great to drive a stage amp, direct box and tuner at the same time.

Can I use the Shotgun with keyboards?

Yes. However be careful as some keyboards such as digital pianos may have an exceedingly high output that can overload the Shotgun. If you hear distortion, turn down the piano’s output level.

What is Constant Load Correction?

With most devices, when you connect two instruments, the input impedance will change as a result. With the Shotgun, the input has been optimized to remain constant. This means your guitars will sound natural when either one or two are connected.

Why are there no isolation transformers in most pedals?

Good transformers are expensive, they take up a lot of room and then they require additional engineering to ensure that they sound right. Since most pedals are designed to be as small and low cost as possible, transformers are rarely if ever used.

Why does output-1 need to be used?

For noise and safety output-1 is set as a default as it provides a solid ground connection from the guitar to the amplifier. Output-1 is directly coupled while the other 3 outputs are transformer isolated to eliminate noise.

What kind of buffer is in the Shotgun?

A low noise integrated circuit was chosen as the source will likely be a pedalboard with a number of pre-buffered signals such as delays, chorus and so on.

What is the longest recommended cable length that can be used?

Noise is the enemy of high impedance guitar circuits. Low impedance circuits with properly shielded cables allow longer runs without noise. As a rule, 15 meters (50′) is the maximum recommended cable length. For longer runs, use a Radial SGI to balance the signal.

If I want to use a Radial DI on one of the outputs, should it be active or passive?

Although both will work since the Shotgun is already buffering the signal (active), a passive DI like the Radial JDI is a great choice, while the ProDI delivers a more affordable alternative.

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