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Will the Shuttle work with all 500 series racks?

Yes in so far that you can send a signal into the Shuttle’s balanced effects loop. You can also use the Shuttle to receive a signal via the front panel balanced return jack and send it out via the rear panel XLR on your 500 series rack.

Will it work with all non-Radial modules?

Yes, when used with a Workhorse rack to route signal to the mixer section. You can position a Shuttle next to a non-Radial module and the FEED function in the Workhorse will pass the module’s output onto the Shuttle, its effects loops and the Workhorse eight channel mixer.

Can I connect a guitar into the Shuttle module?

Yes, but you will need some form of instrument preamp with a line output to make this work. A guitar signal is not strong enough on its own. The Shuttle requires a line level input (-10dB to +4dB range).

Can I connect a keyboard to the Shuttle?

Yes in that most keyboards are able to produce a -10dB line level signal. This would connect to the Shuttle and Workhorse via the unbalanced return jack.

Can I connect a CD player or iPod to the Shuttle?

Yes, but due to the 500 series format, the Shuttle is mono. This means that if you are looking for a stereo feed, two Shuttles are required.

Can I use the Shuttle like the EXTC for guitar pedals?

Yes, however the Shuttle is not optimized for the impedance or the lower output typically produced by pedals. Therefore you will need to adjust the level of the source track and the sensitivity of the recording device input. Furthermore, the Shuttle effects loop is not transformer isolated to eliminate ground loops like the EXTC. The EXTC is designed for guitar level devices while the Shuttle is optimized for line level signals.

Can I use the Shuttle as a Reamp® output?

Yes, however a dedicated Re-amper like the Radial X-Amp is transformer isolated to eliminate noise from ground loops and designed to produce a guitar level signal while the Shuttle is not. The Shuttle could be made to work by carefully adjusting the source signal level and paying extra attention to grounding and power. Try it!

What is the difference between the balanced loop and the unbalanced loop?

When a signal is balanced, two wires carry the signal in a symmetrical fashion. This allows longer cable runs without induced noise. Most professional studios and broadcasters employ balance lines for this reason. So if you have a device that is balanced, using the balanced loop will reduce noise. But given the fact that many pieces of studio gear are designed to work with the insert jack that is common on many consoles, they usually are able to be used in an unbalanced mode. The Shuttle offers both options.

Is there an advantage to using the balanced insert on the Shuttle versus connecting an effect in series using a cable?

The advantage is practical and does not affect the character of the audio signal. In other words, with the Shuttle you gain the convenience of front panel connectivity and the ability to turn off or on the insert loop to compare the wet and dry signals. Sonically, the result will be the same.

Can I cascade one Shuttle into another to create a series of loops?

Yes. These can be cascaded using the FEED switch on the Workhorse or a cable on any other 500 series rack.

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