This product has been discontinued and is no longer shipping. Manufacturing specs and user information is provided below for owners of the product.

Space Heater 500 Tube Saturation Effect

Part # R700 0152 00

About the Space Heater 500

  • Studio grade 12AX7 tube distortion
  • Heat switch adjusts voltage applied to the tube
  • Variable high-cut and low-cut filters to focus distortion
  • Transformer coupled output for vintage tone

The Radial Space Heater 500 is a studio-grade tube distortion for the 500 series format, built to provide anything from subtle warmth to thick and heavy harmonic distortion.

Space Heater 500 Applications

DI Bass recording

Adding some distortion to a direct bass recording can make it sound like an amp in the mix. Experiment with the level and drive controls to take a clean bass into SVT territory!

Harmonic distortion while tracking

Placing the Space Heater in line with your mic preamp allows you to record the luscious harmonic distortion while tracking. Add it to the channel strip of your choice to expand the sonic possiblities.

Apply analog distortion to digital effects

Adding distortion to the output of a digital delay or reverb can mimic your favourite vintage analog effects. Don't be afraid to turn it up! Distortion can differentiate the effected sound from the direct, allowing it to really jump out of the mix!