Space Heater

Analog Summing Mixer

8-Channel Summing Mixer & Tube Drive

The Space Heater is an 8-channel tube overdrive that can be used as an analog summing mixer or as a multi-channel studio effects device, utilizing the tube circuitry for a range of effects from subtle warmth and grit to full  harmonic distortion.

  • 12AX7 vacuum tube overdrive & summing mixer
  • Heat switch adjusts voltage applied to each tube
  • Individual outputs to use as an 8-channel effects insert
  • Transformer-coupled outputs for vintage tone

Warm up your digital tracks

The Space Heater is a high performance summing mixer that allows you to blend tracks out-of-the-box in the analog domain, with oversized output transformers and vacuum tubes for vintage warmth and character. Eight mono input channels or four stereo pairs are available, with a heat switch on each pair to adjust the voltage on the 12AX7 tube - lower voltage settings starve the tube for a more pronounced distortion effect. Separate Drive and Level controls on each channel give you complete control over each tube circuit, providing a range of tones that allow you to fatten up digital stems or provide a distorted effect on vocals, guitars or drums.

Space Heater Applications

Software insert

Use the Space Heater™ on eight individual tracks in your mix to add grit or character. Adjustable LEVEL and DRIVE tailors the level of distortion from subtle to extreme.

Summing 8 or more channels to stereo

Complete your final summing out-of-the-box by sending stereo stem mixes to the Space Heater. Mix four stereo stems down to a master stereo output, or link multiple Space Heaters together for analog summing heaven!

With in-ear monitors

Get the natural feel and tone back into your in-ear monitors by adding the natural compression of tube distortion into the signal path. It's like playing in front of your amp without the stage noise!

Recording drums

Set the Space Heater to 25 volts to create humungous tube crunch and adjust the drive and level to suit. Use the individual sends as outputs to feed your recorder or mix down to stereo using the built-in bus..


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