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Since are only four 12AX7 tubes in the Space Heater™, how can there be eight channels?

The 12AX7 is a dual cathode tube. This enables each tube to be wired in stereo with each side of the tube dedicated as a separate channel.

If the heat is set for each tube (channel pair), how can I control the distortion on each channel?

Although some functions are shared across both channels, the LEVEL and DRIVE controls are separate for each side of the tube or each channel. Set the heat to 75 volts and then adjust the drive and level as needed.

As there are no pan controls on the Space Heater, how do I pick left or right?

The Space Heater is setup for stereo inputs when being used as a summing mixer. As soon as the BUS switch is engaged on any channel pair, the odd channel becomes ‘left’, and the even channel becomes ‘right’. Most users send stereo sub/stem mixes to the Space Heater when summing out of the box, so panning is handled inside of the workstation.

Are the 12AX7 tubes in the Space Heater user replaceable?

Yes. Feel free to experiment with different tubes or simply replace years down the road as required.

Can I use the Space Heater on microphones?

Microphones will not produce adequate level for the Space Heater as it is a line level device. You will need to go into a preamp to bring up the level to a +4dBu output.

Can I use the Space Heater live?

Absolutely! A bit of tube distortion on individual tracks or on in-ear monitor mixes is a great way of warming up sterile digital tracks and making things sound more natural.

Can I link multiple Space Heaters together to create a larger mixer?

Yes, the Space Heater is equipped with a set of ¼” TRS LINK jacks on the back panel to enable expansion.

When using the Space Heater as a summing mixer (BUS switches engaged), are the direct outputs still active?

Yes the direct outputs are always on, as are the insert send jacks.

Does the Insert OUT double as another channel output jack?

Yes, you could use the insert OUT as a parallel direct output.

I want to record the output of the Mix Bus back into my workstation. How should the level control be set?

Anywhere between 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock on the dial will be close to nominal level. Keep an eye on the meters in your workstation and adjust accordingly.

Is it possible to bypass the tube?

Yes. Tube Drive can be turned on or off using the tube drive ‘on’ switch for each channel pair.

Are there transformers inside of the Space Heater?

All eight channels pass through individual output transformers to reduce buzz and hum caused by ground loops. They also add some exciting vintage analog flavor to the signal chain.

Can I use the Space Heater to warm up a digital drum kit?

As long as your drum kit’s direct channel outputs are +4dBu line level, the Space Heater is a great way to bring your digital drums to life!

What will adjusting the ‘Heat’ voltage do to the sound?

Adjusting the Space Heater’s 3-position HEAT switch will greatly change the type of distortion that the tubes will produce. At its lowest setting (37V), the tube is starved for power. The tube will break up and distort quickly at low levels, making this the choice setting when you really want to mess things up! At its highest setting (150V), the tube sees its optimal power and will produce a clean, warm sounding signal with plenty of even harmonic overtones.

I can use the balanced outputs of my Yamaha Motif XF and Roland INTEGRA 7, on the inputs of the Space Heater?

Yes, absolutely. It will give your synths an extra fat sound and really make your solos rock like Keith Emerson, john Lord and Jan Hammer. They all used tube amps as part of their tone.

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